6 Things to do to “Spring Clean” your Social Media

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It’s the season for all things fresh and new, and we’re offering six quick ideas for giving your social media accounts a “spring cleaning.” See if you have time between baseball games and doses of allergy medicine to check a few of these off: Check and refresh your profile and…

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Got Questions?

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Yesterday I met with a nonprofit development director and we talked about the organization’s current marketing and development strategy. It brought a smile to my face to hear that his first consideration when developing a campaign or coming up with a marketing communication tool is audience – the WHO? question…

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7 Steps for a Successful 2017

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Earlier this month, Virginia and I met with four other creative entrepreneurs for a day-long business retreat.  It was an intentional pause before we dove into a new year of work, and provided precious time (and valued viewpoints) to reflect on our first five years of business, address our challenges,…

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The Next Five

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We’re at the beginning of the new year, and you’ll find no shortage of Fresh Start, Goal Setting and Resolutions articles taking the place of the myriad retail sales ads which just over-populated our feeds and inboxes. And it really is the best time to get a fresh start, or…

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Why Blogging Works

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I’m sitting here in my office – which is so nice and quiet now that the kids are back in school – thinking about what I want to share with you in this blog post. About blogging. And why it works, and why more people should move it from their “that…

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What’s your summer focus?

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It’s summer – time for time off and relaxation! We want to savor the slowness, and so do a lot of you. Our clients, particularly the nonprofits and churches/ministries, definitely experience a lull in activity over the summer. But this year, we’re encouraging organizations to utilize their slower time by…

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A New Story

:: in June 27, 2016 :: in Blog :: Comments Off on A New Story

Recently, we were working on a brochure for a new client in New York. The project involved trimming down a lot of content—centuries, in fact, of interesting historical information about the organization as well as dozens of beautiful facility photos. Everything was being condensed into an easy-to-read, single-fold piece that…

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Walk a Mile

:: in March 29, 2016 :: in Blog :: Comments Off on Walk a Mile

We love it when people ask us why we named our agency One Mile Creative. There are actually a couple of answers to that question, but one of my favorites is that old phrase, “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.” We aim to do that with each client, and…

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5 Quick Design Tips for Stronger Social Media

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Stay on brand. This does not have to be complicated. Write down a short list of 3 colors, 2 fonts and 1 image or icon that reflects or coordinates with your organization’s logo. Use those “3-2-1 items” everywhere, every time you post. Create shareable content/images. We all like sharing inspirational quotes…

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Sweet Spot

:: in January 12, 2016 :: in Blog :: Comments Off on Sweet Spot

To everyone, it seems, January is the perfect month to reflect on the year just past and plan for the year ahead. We, too, are in that mode this month – but we also celebrate our company’s anniversary in January, so in addition to the new-year planning, we take a...

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